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Choosing the right Recruitment Agency for you

Choosing the right Recruitment Agency for you.

Be clear about the role you are looking for.  The package you need.  The type of company you want to work for in terms of location, industry, and size that would best serve your goals.  If you don’t know what it is, you are looking for how can you expect an agency to act in your best interests? 

So, make life easy, research the agencies in your area.  Check out their website.  Are they advertising the type of roles you would be interested in?  Checkout any reviews, speak to friends, have a look at their Social Media profile, anything that will give you a feel for the agency.

It’s worth doing this research as you want to select agencies which will utilise your time most effectively.  We say this because taking time out for interviews can be a bit of a nuisance, you have to negotiate the time off, sort out the kids, research the company and its location, then there are the nerves that can sometimes kick in, followed by those niggling doubts asking you constantly if you should just stay where you are?

When you have decided upon the agency or agencies you wish to go with please make sure that your CV is bang up to date with the most recent job first, working backwards in chronological orders.  This will save you and the Consultant so much time because the information is there, and they can crack on with how they can help you.  So, read through it and check the dates make sense and really think about why you left each job.

The next stage is hopefully an appointment with your agency.  You will need to bring or think about the following:

  • Carefully read all or any correspondence sent to you beforehand by the agency, so you are well prepared.
  • Bring appropriate ID (Passport and/or full Birth Certificate or EU ID Card).  A driving licence is not proof that you are Eligible to work in the UK.
  • Proof of National Insurance – they will need this if you are being paid as a Temporary Worker by the agency.
  • CV – As mentioned earlier make sure that this is up to date, has full job descriptions, details what IT packages you can use, achievements and so on.  Trying to remember this detail within an interview isn’t so easy.
  • References – It’s a good idea to think about who you will give as references and approach them for permission.  Many agencies will not forward your CV to agencies without references on file - this is usually because they have made a commitment to their client(s).  Do the prep and check if they would give you a reference and let them know they may be approached by agencies?   The same certainly applies to character references, agencies will usually only accept unbiased character references such as lecturers, teachers, and landlords.  Perhaps you have carried out some casual work or after school activity such as scouts, Girl Guides etc., senior members of these groups should do just fine.
  • Don’t be late.  Checkout exactly where you are going.  Find out how long the interview/registration will take. What is the car parking or public transport situation?
  • Dress in a way to make a positive impression.   Agencies register many candidates day after day so you want to stand out for the right reasons.  We love it when candidates are prepared, communicative, friendly and approachable because that’s an easier sell to clients! 


Finally, try to be positive.  Your day may not be going well, or perhaps your experiences of agencies hasn’t been brilliant - leave those thoughts at the door before you enter and go in with a smile – we need to see you at your very best.

Help us to help you.

Good Luck

Posted by: Meyer Scott 1 comment(s)
Mandy  Bradbury 14.05.2019 11:38
I have always heard positive things about Meyer Scott Recruitment. I know Yvette and Julia are still very hands on in the company and I have referred a number of clients their way as I know they will be taken care of and their needs met. Love the website, it is informative and easy to navigate around.

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