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How to Prepare an Awesome CV

Meyer Scott Recruitment – BLOG – How to Prepare an Awesome CV

Your CV isn’t just a document that you use to apply for a job. Your CV is a personal sales presentation of you and your business. Just as you would a presentation, you need to make it clear, attractive and interesting so the reader wants to read more and find out lots about you.

Think of your CV as your first point of sale contact, make sure it has impact and it is inviting!

Of course there are no hard and fast rules to the perfect CV, but we have put together some points that we think you should consider when trying to prepare an awesome CV that really sells you to a potential employer.

When choosing the font for your CV, make sure you choose something normal, common and simple. While it may be tempting to opt for an artistic, italic, gimmicky font to help your CV stand out, they can be trickier to read.

We know that people update their CVs as they go along and move from one job to the next, add awards, skills and achievements. However, you need to make sure you keep the same font style and size throughout, as it can look messy when it is changing throughout the CV.

Sub-headings are a really great way of breaking up a CV and highlighting different areas of your experience and skills. This also makes it easier for the recruiter to skim through your CV and quickly realise you are the candidate for them, before reading your CV more in-depth.

Make sure you introduce yourself at the start of your CV. To make this an awesome CV make sure you are personal. Don’t use the standard phrases like ‘go-getter’ or ‘work well as a team or on my own’ talk about you and why you would be an asset to this job and their organisation.

One thing that is often missed is your contact details. Make sure your contact details are on your CV. There is no point in creating an awesome CV but then not telling people how to contact you. Make sure a contact number and email address is included so recruiters can quickly and easily contact you.

Gaps in your work history are fine, just make sure you explain them so the employer isn’t put off or concerned by these gaps. They would rather know that you learnt new skills, did voluntary work, took time off for maternity leave, etc, instead of just a gap.

When you think your awesome CV is complete, send it to a friend. It can be hard for people to proofread their own work, so a friend can double check for spelling and grammatical errors, but they can also check if you have missed anything to make the CV even better.

Good Luck with your job search, if you need any help finding your dream job then please contact us now. We would love to get to know you and help you bag that dream job!



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