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Top Tips For Interview Preparation To Achieve Interview Success

Meyer Scott Recruitment – BLOG – Top Tips For Interview Preparation To Achieve Interview Success

Everyone will have an interview at least once in their lives, sometimes many more times – but this doesn’t make them any less scary! Here at Meyer Scott Recruitment we know how nerve-wracking interviews are, so we do everything we can to make them that little bit easier for our candidates.

We have put together this list of top tips for interview preparation, which will make you feel calmer and more confident for the interview.

Top Interview Preparation Tips for Interview Success

  • Take the time to research the organisation that you will be interviewed by, as well as the business sector. This will give you a feeling of confidence.
  • Carry out some online research to see if the organisation has won any bids, celebrated a milestone or achieved an award. You can then mention this in the interview.
  • Think about some standard interview questions that you will be asked, then practice your replies, or get a friend / family member to ‘interview’ you.
  • You may be asked if you have any questions at your interview, have a think beforehand about the sort of questions you can ask them.
  • Your recruitment consultant will have told you the style of interview and what it includes, such as personality or skill tests. Make sure you are prepared for these.
  • Plan out what you will wear the day before. Make sure it fits nicely. You also need to make sure it is clean, ironed and pet fur / hair free to make the best first impression.
  • Read through your CV and cover letter to remind yourself of what they know about you. They may refer to parts of it in your interview, so it is good to be reminded and prepared.
  • Check the times of any public transport you are using, where you can park nearby, if you have change for the bus, or enough petrol in the car.

Top Interview Tips for Interview Success

  • Make sure that you turn up on time; you are professional at all times and pleasant to everyone that you meet. People in businesses talk, if you’re nice to the receptionist or cleaner, it will get back to the manager – the same if you are not nice to them!
  • Panel interviews with a selection of people interviewing you can be off-putting. Make sure you talk to everyone on the interview panel, and direct questions at the group, and not just one or two people on the panel.
  • Find out as much about the position as possible, such as different responsibilities and roles within your job, and give examples of when you have done this before.
  • Make sure you are not late, that you don’t bad mouth previous employers and always be honest in your answers to give the interview the best impression of you.


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